Monday, June 30, 2014

PixelScrapper July 2014 Blog Train: Old Brass

(Here's the link to the official PixelScrapper Blog Train post: HERE.)

I am really excited to be able to participate in another blog train! I am thanking God for every day that I am able to enjoy my computer and create more art to share with the world!

There wasn't a prescribed theme for this month, so I kind of floundered for inspiration at first. A few scrappers were doing a "4th of July" theme, but I just wasn't feeling it... until I thought about brass!

I LOVE brass. It's mainly a turn-of-the-(20th)century steampunk obsession, but I also think of brass when I think of the military. The buttons and insignia on soldiers isn't made out of brass any more, but most of it is still made to LOOK like brass. And any high-ranking officers are often called "The Brass". But brass isn't reserved just for the military; it also has adorned all kinds of other uniforms from police officers to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

When I think about celebrating Independence Day, I think of the brass. BUT, I know that digital scrapbooking is an international community and, while I LOVE my country, I didn't want to make it patriotic and exclude any international friends. So I decided to just stick with celebrating the brass. The beautiful, beautiful brass. ;)

I am especially happy that the colours this month included the grays and blacks and I wanted to use them a bit, too... because sometimes celebrating the brass, and all that it is used to represent, calls for more somber colours.

So, without further blabbing, here we go:

Download from Google Drive HERE.

Download from Google Drive HERE.

Download from Google Drive HERE.

Download from Google Drive HERE.

Download Part One: Buttons from Google Drive HERE.  
Download Part Two: Flowers from Google Drive HERE. 
Download Part Three: Gems from Google Drive HERE. 
Download Part Four: Other from Google Drive HERE.  

On these elements, your computer will probably tell you that they are not 300 dpi, but it is lying. They ARE 300 dpi - they were saved through Photoshop's "Save for Web" feature and that feature strips metadata, including the dpi tag. And then your computer just makes up whatever it wants. I am too lazy to go back and resave them so they have the 300 dpi tag, but they ARE 300 dpi.
And, the elements aren't 12x12, but I am too lazy to go back and change the preview right now. So, yeah. I apologize. 

Also, there's a shadow on the elements in the preview, but that's just for the preview. The elements in the packs are shadow-free. ;)

Enjoy! ;) 

I apologize for any difficulty or confusion the .RAR file format may have caused.

If you're interested in obtaining a program that opens .RARs, here are a few options: The program I use is WinRAR (available here as a trial). Other programs that open .RAR files include: 7zip (free here) - I use this one as well, RAR File Open Knife (free here), and Open the File has some other options, too (check it out here).

If you have the ability to open .RARs, then feel free to use the links above. Otherwise, I am posting some .ZIP files below:

Paper Pack 01
Paper Pack 02
Paper Pack 03
Paper Pack 04

Seeing as the two filetypes don't seem to produce a measurable difference in file size, and that .RAR causes confusion, I will provide my stuff in .ZIP files from this point forward. Sorry for the confusion. ;)