One of the first things I did when I got into digital scrapbooking was scour the internet for free stuff. There's quite a bit of generosity in the digi-scrap world, but it seems like it only goes so far... there were a lot of practices (never mind all the poorly designed blogs) that irritated me.

I promise that everything I post on this blog will be 100% free! If I'm gonna talk about a whole kit, you're gonna get access to that whole kit. And you don't have to like me on Facebook for it or sign up for my newsletter for it. What you see is what you get!

I promise that once I post it, I'll always post it. Now, that doesn't mean that accidents won't happen and that files might get lost or links might get broken (there are just some things that are out of my control). What it does mean is that my "freebies" will never expire. If I offer it for free once, I offer it for free forever.

I promise to keep download links as live and updated, to the best of my ability. If you find a down link, email me so I can fix it (please).

 If I participate in a Blog Hop or Blog Train, I will post the other train stops, too, instead of just the ones before and after me. And I won't direct you to a forum that requires membership for you to be able to see the post. (With the exception of the PixelScrapper Blog Trains - they are HUGE and I think are pretty easily accessible from their main forum post.)

I promise to eliminate any unnecessary files in the downloads. No OS-specific files, no redundant html files linking you to tons of websites, etc.

I promise to make my stuff as accessible as possible. So, please, let me know if a link is broken, if where I am hosting the file is being difficult, or if the file format is causing you problems. I will (within reason) work something out!

I would like to thank Leo Babauta from ZenHabits for being my Uncopyright Muse. I am, as he put it, "freely ripping ideas off here". ;)

I want the lives of other people to be touched and made better, more beautiful by my words or art or whatever - I want this more than I worry about my financial stability, honestly. I think that if people love what I do, then they will want to give back so I can create more. And, I believe in an abundant life. I believe that God will meet my needs as I encounter them. I believe that if I approach the world with an energy of generosity, then generosity will be returned to me. So, I don't care so much about "getting mine". Also, I know what it's like to be dirt poor and buried under a mountain of debt. I've been there.

I subscribe to the idea that content can't be controlled, and even if you could, you shouldn't. Artists have been inspired by other artists and creators for centuries. They have been making derivative works upon derivative works. This isn't something new, and I think it is something that should be embraced. I think that the creative community truly does only benefit from derivations and inspirations. So, if someone wants to take my art, my work and improve upon it, then I say more power to them!

So, what if someone starts making tons of money off my work? Well, I hope that they would at least list me in the credits. And, I hope that they would give some of that money back to a good cause, "pay it forward". I celebrate their success. (FYI: If you have enjoyed my work and would like to donate to me, I thank you. I can be reached by my email at: meetmollie (at) gmail (dot) com.)

If I have made my items on my own or with CU resources, then I will make them free to you for... whatever (that includes commercial use, CU4CU, etc). I don't mind if you pass my stuff around, share it with your friends, or use it for your church bulletin.

  • I would prefer that if you're passing my work around or offering it as a download from your website or blog, just link back to me or keep my preview pages and TOU files with my work.
  • I have no problems with anyone using my work for whatever religious affiliations. (Unless you're with the Westboro Baptist Church. Sorry. I'm drawing the line. Right there. See below.)
  • You don't have to give me credit. It's not a requirement. But it is appreciated. 

You're gonna find this in all of a TOU files included with all of my work. And I am serious about it. Seriously.

Please DO NOT use my products to promote hate, discrimination, or violence toward humans or animals or in a way that degrades, violates, or demoralizes any person, culture, race, religion, or interest group.

And I want you to understand that what defines the violation of this one rule is up to my discretion. I get to define what "hate", "discrimination", "violence", etc are, not you!

My uncopyright does not mean that I am a "pirate"! So, please, don't misinterpret. Just because I choose to have an uncopyright doesn't mean that I won't respect your copyright choices.

Also, I want to make this clear: not all of my stuff is going to be CU4CU.
This is because I may use resources made by other artists that have limiting licenses. Though I may not agree with their policies, I do respect their decisions in regards to their art. I hope to move away from using resources with limiting licenses, but their use is bound to occur. So, please pay attention to the TOU and licensing information included in my TOU files and on my previews.

First, it seems ridiculously apropos to me for a scrapbooking blog to be about "saving the day". Because isn't that exactly what we aim to do with our scrapbooks? And even more so in my case, because I have a bit of a love affair with Project Life! 

Second, I have a tendency to think I'm pretty awesome, and when I finish a new artsy-fartsy creation, I feel like a freakin' rockstar. I unabashedly feel like I have literally "saved the day" with every new art creation, no matter how hard I attempt to be even remotely modest, and I think I am pretty hot shit. (I apologize right now if this blog comes off prideful, arrogant, or egotistical. It's a strong possibility that it will. I promise that I am not like this all the time - visit my other blog and you'll see.)

Third, my personal blog is "Meet Mollie", which is quite similar to the American Girl book "Meet Molly". This blog title began as simply a continuation of the theme, but really became the embodiment of how my art makes me feel.


  1. I love the blog name, love your terms as I never thought about much of any of those things about give a ways/freebies but I definitely agree with the majority on your terms.

    I also don't see myself giving out freebies and then asking for users to give it back or hunt them down; that's doing way too much. imo.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it! :D