Saturday, November 29, 2014

PixelScrapper December 2014 Blog Train: The Nutcracker

(The link to the official PixelScrapper blog train post: HERE.)

Once again, I was NOT feeling the colours - the red + green of the holiday season is just... YUCK, in my humble opinion. And I am not a real big fan of nutcrackers; they're freakin' creepy. BUT, I LOVE ballet! 

I took ballet class and performed in holiday shows and a yearly company-wide show until I was a teenager. I quit the year before I would join a show/competition troupe and graduate to toe shoes. (I did graduate to my high heel tap shoes - God, I loved those shoes!) I loved to dance, but I was becoming quickly aware that my body type was not desirable in a dancer... my mom used to heckle me about it. But, anyway - that's the past and not the can of worms to open now. (lol, baggage.) What I was getting at is that I will always have a love and affinity for dance.

My great aunt once took me to see the Nutcracker performed by the Kansas City Ballet, and it was one of those life-altering, I-will-remember-this-forever, this-has-shaped-the-way-I-see-the-world events (my great aunt gave me a lot of those kind of events). And the part I remember liking the most was the Flight of the Sugarplum Fairies. So, I really tried to channel some of that into my portion of the blog train.

I was thinking about gentle snow falling, the patterns on the ballerinas' costumes, the fluff of their skirts and sleeves, and the twinkle of pixie dust. <3

So, without further ado, my contribution to this month's blog train:

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)

And, as always, thanks for visiting and please enjoy! ;)
Have a happy holiday and be safe! <3

Friday, November 21, 2014

When Christmas Barfed

While I was working on my contribution for the December PixelScrapper blog train, I made what was, IMHO, a really ugly paper in Christmas colours. Then I decided to make some more of them! Because, Christmas time is famous for really ugly sweaters and some other colour/pattern combos that make an onlooker wonder what the heck the designer was thinking!

So, without further ado, this is what I think it would look like if Christmas barfed all over someone's house!

(And, just to make things clear, I mean the title of this kit very humorously. I am a Christian, and I certainly mean no disrespect of this holiday. I more or less mean to poke fun at the consumerism of this holiday, which I think anyone can appreciate. So, I hope I have not offended anyone.)

Available to download through Google Drive: HERE.