Thursday, April 16, 2015

PixelScrapper April 2015 Blog Train: Reflections

(The link to the official PixelScrapper blog train post: HERE.)

I don't mean to be a jerk, but I don't have a lot to say on this one... or a lot to offer, I am ashamed to say. This month has been hectic and my computer has been inconvenient to access, so I haven't done anything very creative lately. Cranking something out for this month's train was hard (and even harder to complete and get posted - which is why it is so late, sorry). Though, I have to admit that I am in LOVE with both the palette and theme. :/

So, perhaps I will revisit this one... but, until then, here is my meager offering:

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)


  1. You may feel it's a meager contribution, but I love the papers - they are really neat. Thank you for sharing despite your difficulties this month. Hope things are better!