Friday, April 24, 2015

[Inspiration] What I listen to while I'm working...

And, by working, I mean creating digital scrapbooking stuff!

Right now, I am enamored with the German synthpop band Wolfsheim. I am a serious synthpop junkie, and I listen to all different kinds of it [I wish there was more Christian synthpop. Someone fix this for me!]. There seems to be a really nice grouping of synthpop bands (and a good fan following for them) in Germany. And, while I can't understand some of the lyrics, I really enjoy the way the language sounds, so it's all good! lol

I've always been a HUGE fan of electronic music. I remember being a child in the 90's watching those cd-collection infomercials of "the BEST OF the 80's" music, thinking that those synthpop, new wave, and darkwave songs sounded AWESOME! [Of course, my mom really voiced opposition to that kind of music; she hated Devo. But I loved it, secretly.]

My favourite Wolfsheim album was their last: Casting Shadows. It's dark and enchanting, but not depressing. There is an undercurrent of hope and a determination to move forward. I love that about it; it really seems to speak to my life thus far.

I just plug in my headphones, press play, and zone in on my art... the melodies pull me smoothly from one concept and task to another, until time has become nothing and the art, the experience and the expression, is everything.

I highly suggest that, if this sort of music intrigues you, to check it out. My absolute favourite song is "Find You Gone". Find a good pair of headphones and crank it up; soak in and appreciate the depth of the sound. ;)

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