Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Crystal Coast Paper Kit

When I posted the last paper kit on PixelScrapper, I said I was working on papers for the upcoming blog train there and got really carried away and inspired and ran down a few rabbit holes, and voila! - I ended up making about 60 papers, including the previous kit and this paper kit! (haha, all the rest of them are going to have to wait until Aug 1st when the blog train goes live!)

PixelScrapper's August Pallette
While I was working with the colours for the blog train, themed "At the Beach", I noticed that they reminded me of the colours my family painted the rooms of the house we lived in when I was a child. We used to have stark white walls in every room until the first time we vacationed at the beach in North Carolina. When we came home, we painted the kitchen yellow like the sun, the living room beige like the sand, the bathrooms pink like sea shells, my bedroom blue-green like the ocean, and my parents' room lavender like the dune flowers (my sister painted her room bright pink because that was what she wanted); we loved the colours that we had experienced in NC so much that we wanted to take them home with us!

Now my husband, daughter, and I are stationed in North Carolina along the Crystal Coast. We visit the beach about every other weekend and the smell of the ocean reminds me of some of the better moments in my childhood. For this kit, I added green for the dune grasses and orange for the caution flags that they put up on days with not-so-ideal weather, which just so happens to be some of our favourite beach days!

So, without further ado, please click HERE to download them from Google Drive!

And thanks for downloading them! I hope that you're able to make some really beautiful things with them - and you can post a link here or message me on PixelScrapper if you want to share what you've done! I would love to see it! :D

2014-07-25 EDIT: Files now hosted at Google Drive (instead of 4Shared) and are now in .ZIP format (instead of .RAR). Both changes made to provide easier accessibility. Thanks for the feedback!! ;)


  1. Super cute colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for your effort in moving these files to Google drive. I am downloading them right away.

    Thanks again! :)

  3. Mollie, I just love the colors and patterns of these papers!