Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today's Weather - 3x4 Journal Cards

(Download from Google Drive HERE.)

I am SO super excited to share these - you have NO idea! LOL. I got the idea quite a while ago from another PixelScrapper denizen who does pocket scrapbooking, and I have been meaning to make these for quite a while! And now, FINALLY, they are here! :D

Weather is something pretty close to my heart; I almost went to college for meteorology. When I was growing up, people would look at me weird when they asked me what my favourite television channel was because my answer was consistently, "The Weather Channel!" And that was back when they didn't have any "programming" and just showed the weather and nothing but the weather. I just couldn't imagine doing daily/weekly pocket scrapbooking and NOT mentioning the weather! LOL!

So, I am limiting this to PU/S4H and the main reason is because I exclusively just arranged paper and elements and drop shadows all from the PixelScrapper team, and it just doesn't feel right to release it is CU4CU or even CU. You know, I released that Old Brass bling kit back in July as CU4CU and it rested very heavily on the shoulders of PixelScrapper, and I have felt bad about it ever since. They haven't said anything about it - they've been SO good to me and SO very generous; I really want to do them right!

As I'm posting in the TOUs, I don't mind if designers want to bundle my whole kit (TOUs, previews, and all) with their commercial use products, just as long as it is explicit that there is NO money being exchanged for THIS kit and that it is merely a nice bonus. I am OK with that. Referencing me would be nice, too, but as long as my previews and TOU are included, I have no problem with that - it means that the people who put in the really hard work get the credit - 'cause let's face it, everything I make points back to two things: PixelScrapper and Jesus - because they have given me the means and freedom to be creative! ;)

So, with all that said,  as always, thanks for visiting and please enjoy! ;)

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